how to increase wifi range in house


As we keep buying new devices for home use, WiFi is more and more important for quality coverage.

Many families typically use the WiFi routers that are installed by their internet service providers (ISPs).  Some households upgrade to more powerful, state-of-the-art WiFi routers that have all the latest bells and whistles.

One of the main reasons why people upgrade their internet connection is to cover all the devices in the home so, everyone will be able to get their fair share of the internet.


the easiest way to extend Wifi coverage and capacity :

1 . Wi-Fi Extenders

A good way to get WiFi all over your house is with a range extender. A range extender brings a separate wireless network that gives you more security and better coverage for your cell phone, streaming music, etc.

While wifi extender will work, they are not without their complexities and limitations.

You must have your devices continually login to the range extender and then log back in to the router when you move around in your home.

Second, the range extender cannot communicate simultaneously with your router and all your devices.

This would mean cutting the range by half, meaning that the router would share its bandwidth with the range extender and all connected devices. All WiFi performance is negatively impacted by this method.


2. Install an additional WiFi router.

Some people choose to install a second router in their home instead. While this can provide better WiFi coverage across the premises, it does require some work with cable connections at all of your desired locations.

Installing a new router can also be more expensive up front. Furthermore, installing an additional router does not circumvent the login disruptions, nor the bandwidth issues, described in the previous method.


3. Fast Internet Connection


No matter what kind of router you have, it won’t have good Wifi coverage in your home if you have too many wireless devices using it.

If your internet connection is not strong enough to power all the devices in your home, then no matter how good your router is, the Wi-Fi signals won’t be strong enough to reach every inch of the house.

One way to solve the problem would be to have a faster connection so that all devices are powered without issue.

First thing, you should do is perform a Speed Test and find out how much internet speed you are actually getting from your ISP.

Once you find out the speed of your internet connection, try to upgrade the plan you are using in order to be able to enjoy a higher speed. That way, everyone will be able to get their fair share of Wi-Fi and download speeds won’t be an issue.

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