Speed Test Alternatives part 2



You can get incredibly precise internet speed test results from Ookla’s Speedtest.net. Users may monitor their download and upload speeds on Speedtest.net with apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

To check your bandwidth speed, Speedtest.net makes use of many remote servers and statistical techniques. Using your IP address, it determines the closest test location and performs the necessary tasks. There are numerous venues where tests can be taken. The only drawback is that it exclusively focuses on regions in North America and Europe. You can share the results from Speedtest.net via email or your chosen social media platform. You have the option to share all of your test results at once on social media, rather than just one test result. An intuitive interface can be found on Speedtest.net. Anyone may navigate the website’s straightforward design.

Users can check their internet speed on Speedtest.net even if they don’t have an account there. Users can choose their favorite testing server from the settings or use the place that their IP address indicates has been discovered. Kilobits and Megabits, two additional measuring units, are available on the website. The speed test results can also be downloaded in CSV format if users so want. From the result history page, visitors can also view the test history. In general, Speedtest.net is likely the finest website to obtain a free internet speed test.


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Accurately measuring internet speed, SpeedOf.Me gives you quick results. Unlike other services that use Java and Flash, SpeedOf.Me uses HTML5 to measure your internet speed. It runs a speed test from within your browser, which improves the likelihood that the results will be accurate for your internet speed. All types of browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc., are supported by SpeedOf.Me. It enables use in a variety of devices. Whatever the device, SpeedOf.Me works on anything, whether it’s a tablet, an Android phone, or a PC.

Anyone can utilize SpeedOf.Me due to its very user-friendly and straightforward UI. There are clear instructions for every navigation choice. Other websites that measure speed utilize the network and server closest to you. However, SpeedOf.Me operates differently. Your bandwidth is tested using the most accurate and dependable server available.

You can download the results from SpeedOf.Me in PDF format. Even the choice of whether to download the upload or the output is yours. You can even get the report for the minor second. You can share the outcomes on social media. You can look at the history of the browser tests you’ve conducted using SpeedOf.Me. It also has the benefit of not requiring users to register.

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